Alcara supports Made in Japan

For decades, MADE IN JAPAN has been a hallmark of quality manufacture. A tireless work ethic paired with industry drove Japan’s post-war economy into the Japanese economic miracle. In turn, that stability and cultural nuance have refined MADE IN JAPAN to reflect the unparalleled skill and dedication of Japan’s artisans.

Today, design, precision of craft and quality materials imbue unique value into every product detail.

And that value is gaining the attention of consumers. There’s a growing awareness among consumers who want high-quality, durable products, that provenance and transparency are equally desirable.

Alcara believes that, too.

Those who possess lifetimes of knowledge – having honed their skills to create the rarefied of everyday objects – are fewer by the year. To continue Japan’s legacy of craftsmanship, we must protect and sustain their wisdom for future generations to themselves own and build upon.

Alcara makes simple products from innovative, locally-sourced materials – products that transcend trends and embrace past, present and future.

Alcara supports MADE IN JAPAN.